Letís face it, with the economy the way it is right now, most people donít have unlimited funds to spend on one day in their lifetime, even if it is said to be the most important day you will ever have. With this in mind, planners are actually the most important aspect of your event planning process because they will be able to:
     --negotiate your service contracts, and get you the best possible price
     --make your dream a reality while keeping you within a budget that you feel comfortable spending for your special day.
     --keep you on target and assure little to no stress.
     --make sure that you donít have to worry about any detail on your wedding day, allowing you to enjoy your event, not work it!
     --explain different trends and how these can be incorporated into your event.
     --keep you on time throughout the planning process as well as the day of.
     --possibly give you some discounts on their other services, if you pair it with a coordination package.
     --help you locate vendors and venues, that you may have never heard of before.
     --help you or your family plan/coordinate other parts of your engagement (showers, rehearsal, etc)
     --assure your event runs on a pre-determined timeline.
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