--Why work with a planner?

--I do not live in San Antonio, College Station, or a close surrounding area; will Weddings & Moore still coordinate my event?
Yes, Weddings & Moore will travel to any city in Texas; however some travel fees may apply.

--Do I have to choose Weddings & Moore as my coordinator in order to take advantage of the “Something Moore” Services that you offer?
Although Weddings & Moore believes that everyone deserves a coordinator for their special event and we would love to be there for you, it is not required to take advantage of our other services.

--Do I have to use specific vendors to work with Weddings & Moore
Although some venues require you to use their specific vendors, Weddings & Moore believes this is your event and you should be able to work with who you want. If you do not have vendors in mind, Weddings & Moore is more than willing to help find the vendor that best matches your event needs.

--What would you say is the biggest must-have for any wedding?
The three biggest must-haves for any wedding or event would be: 1) a detailed timeline of your wishes in the order you want things to happen during your big day, 2) a Master of Ceremonies or DJ, 3) a wedding/event coordinator, especially for day-of; you want to be able to enjoy your event while you make memories—you don’t want to work it (and neither does your Mother).
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